A team of ‘Hippie Souls’ laid the foundation for being one of the most dynamic tour operators and facilitators. And the team just got bigger since then. We are a culturally diversified organisation with team members from across the world. Hippie Soul believes in gender equality and our ‘employee friendly’ policies keep our team excited to bring their best.

Hippie Soul has established itself as Boutique Tour Planner offering endless customisation amongst a wide variety of products. Be it Corporate Events, School Trips, Industrial Tours, International and Domestic destinations, Adventure Activities, and lot more. Hippie Soul has all to offer its clients.

With an exponentially increasing demand for some unique experiences, Hippie Soul has come up with ‘Offbeat-trips’. Under the guidance of certified and experienced tour leaders, our customers explore dense forests, trek the Himalayan Ranges, experience the cozy Village Stays, learn some quirky photography, and explore the less/unexplored destinations.

Hippie Soul also consummates its social responsibility. And with this, our team and volunteers from across the globe, have been engaged in various social activities. Counseling and educating the underprivileged kids, nurturing employability skills in rural areas, reducing carbon footprints, cleanliness drives, and many more. We believe in socio-economic symbiosis.

With an incessant quest to keep bringing innovation in Travel, Hippie Soul is treading on setting new standards and beating the monotony. And our customers keep pumping the thrust to do so.

Our Founding Team

Anurag Kukrety

An ardent Private Banker bitten by the travel bug defines him the best. Anurag considers himself blessed, that he found the ‘Hippie Soul’ in him, and could manage to shed the comfort of a secured job and move out of the corporate life.

He loves long drives, explores the wild, loves to travel with companion or solo, a backpacker who believes in creativity and innovation.

Our team looks up to him as a dynamo who has peerless team building and team leading skills.

Apoorva Kr. Singh

With a wide experience of corporate in India and abroad, Apoorva has managed to successfully switch to pursuing his passion as his profession.

Apoorva is a gadget freak who loves riding super-bikes. With an excellent command over his communication skills, he makes friends faster than the speed of light. He is a team person with prodigious ability to handle tough situations.

Shubham Saini

A marketing-geek, Shubham was born to ‘strategise’. His immaculate creative ideas are a thrust for heading in the right direction with the desired speed.

Profound in strategising events and company affairs, Shubham is always in a ‘thought mode’. He has a proven track record in digital & offline marketing and creating various successful engagements for the industry Big B’s.

Abhishek Kaushik

A social monster, Abhishek is our chief liaison partner. He makes sure that our team never hits any blockades. Be it a meaningful site, or any administrative hurdle, Abhishek is a maverick in getting the timely permissions and sanctions.

A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Abhishek has an exceptional skillset for technical application and runs his own Industry, his second love after travel. And yes, he has more last minute travels and changes therein, than the molecules in his body.