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From sparkling beaches to the amazing aquatic and wild life, Australia is all set to entertain you. Itis a unique and diverse country in every way – in culture, population, climate, geography, and history. The majority of Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year. Australia has 19 listed World Heritage properties. Australia is also famous for its landmark buildings including the Sydney Harbour Bridge; its ancient geology, as well as for its high country.

Australia is a truly exceptional, flamboyant and magical land that remains one of the most popular destinations for travellers – and with good reason too! With beautiful seashores, astonishingly green drives, magnificent mountains, and the fun loving hearty people, everything makes it a destination worth a visit! A land to explore the attractions of Sydney, sunny beaches of Gold Coast and unmatched vibrance of Melbourne. Explore the world’s longest and most beautiful Great Barrier Reef, nature’s blessed Kuranda rainforests, hundreds of little dolphins at Phillip Island and a romantic drive on Great Ocean Road and so much more.

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