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Deep down in the beautiful villages of the Himalayan Terrain, there are a few cozy houses waiting to take you away from the hectic schedules of the ever busy cities. Surrounded by the lush green terrace farming, they serve you the organic food prepared in the most traditional ways. The food is served hot and fresh with a tremendous taste of innocence, hospitality and courtesy.

The interiors make sure that even with the most primitive architecture, you get a cozy & comfortable stay. With nothing luxurious in these houses, hygiene is the basic essence. Our professionals have refurbished these houses to provide you with the cleanest of washrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. We adhere to strict hygiene protocols.
The service staff are the local villagers who are highly trained, so that they take care of you well and ensure that you leave with a commitment to come back soon.

Our professionally trained guides from the village itself, take you for a walk across the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the village and briefs you of the culture, traditions, customs and beliefs of those villages. You get to taste the palatable local dishes and the fruits and vegetables from the farms at these high altitudes. You get to interact with the villagers and hear the interesting facts and tales from them.

Not only this, you can club your village stay with various activities like hiking, camping, jungle walks, photo tours and likewise. This will help you explore the surroundings and have a lifetime experience.

Hippie Soul Team, in our commitment to pay our bit to the society, spend man hours counselling and teaching the underprivileged school kids in these villages. We train the villagers in the most proficient manner, and help them get employed in various industries. A few of them get employed in our Village Houses only. In case you are keen, you can join us in making your valuable contribution and spend a few man hours sharing your skill set with these villagers.

So get set for a peaceful and meaningful break in the quiet and beautiful houses of Himalayas.

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